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Courage / Curiosity / Compassion


About Me

I have been interested in people's stories and ways of being in the world for as long as I can remember. I am a passionate listener and have been moved by the stories and kindness of others on my journey towards becoming a Therapist. 


I trained as a Relational Psychotherapist at the Bowlby Centre in Islington, London; a training which is psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and informed by Attachment Theory. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I uphold their code of ethics in my work. 


I have lived and worked in several major cities in the UK, France and Japan. I have two dogs who I live with in South London.

I am also a keen gardener and advocate for kindness. Like compost, it helps things grow! 


"All of us, from the cradle to the grave, are happiest when life is organised as a series of excursions, long or short from the secure base provided by our attachment figure(s)"

John Bowlby

What I Offer

I offer a warm, non-judgemental  and confidential space online to work together with what you need to bring. I am committed to ongoing personal work to make my practice safe enough and empowering for any individual surviving inequality and oppression in a white supremacist, hetero-normative, patriarchal system. I am mindful of both oppression and privilege, and the power in the world today which silences those from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and individuals who may have been defined as being 'diverse' and/or less-than. I welcome your voice.


Individual Therapy

An initial consultation and ongoing individual therapy sessions last for 50 minutes. My standard fee is £75 with consideration for those on lower incomes. You may want to work together for a number of weeks, months or years. This may involve us working with unprocessed, unresolved trauma which is known to you and needs treating kindly and gently. Or you may be looking for more of a mental health MOT: a check-in together on what's happening for you right now and whether this feels aligned with your core values and desires. I am open to your process and individual needs and will take care to meet you wherever you are.

A Bit About Therapy

We show ourselves a great kindness by making some space for ourselves and seeking the care and companionship of therapeutic professionals. Gradually we may become conscious of other spaces and sources of care in our lives. Together we will work towards creating a warm, safe and nurturing environment from which you may wish to explore what has been lost, absent or too unsafe to feel. By giving ourselves a bit more space and discovering parts of ourselves in a safe enough therapeutic relationship we can begin to move through the world more consciously and compassionately.

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Nature Art

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

Contact me

For long term work or some mental health maintenance


"Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced" 

James Baldwin

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